Flight School


Instruction (Ground and/or Flight):

$40/hour (CBU students, faculty, and staff)

Aircraft Rental:

  Solo Instructor Rate Dual
C150 $90 $55 $145
C172 M/N $110 $55 $165
C172 S $120 $55 $175
Piper Archer $143 $55 $198
Piper Arrow $165 $55 $220
Piper Seminole N/A $55 $338

Flight Simulator:

$40/hr (CBU students, faculty, and staff)

FAA Testing Center:

$150 per exam ($30 flight credit for CBU Flight School with each completed exam)


Discovery Flights Approximately 1hr:

 Piper Archer  $175.00
 Piper Arrow $200.00
 Piper Seminole $275.00




Lake Matthews Practice Area
Fly hands-on over the scenic Lake Matthews practice area. Get a feel for what it is like to fly an airplane by yourself! You will be fully supervised by a qualified instructor, who will endorse you for 60 minutes of flight time in a pilot logbook.
  • Other options include…
  • Flying to Anaheim over Disneyland, Angel Stadium, and the Arrowhead Pond and then towards Long Beach to fly over the Queen Mary, down the coast over Huntington Beach, Newport and Dana Point.
  • Inland tour of Lakes. Tour over the beautiful vineyards country, and then towards a variety of different lakes such as Diamond Lake, Lake Skinner, Veil Lake, Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore and beautiful Lake Matthews.