Flight School

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight

This major is designed for students who desire to be a professional commercial airline pilot, unmanned aerial systems operator, military pilot or missionary pilot. All flight training is conducted in-house by CBU using our own flight instructors and fleet of university-owned aircraft. In addition to the flight training and ground courses, students develop an in-depth knowledge of meteorology, navigational aids, aircraft systems and crew resource management. Students complete a common core and can choose to concentrate in one or more of four concentrations: Commercial Pilot, Military Pilot, Missionary Pilot and Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilot.

Aviation Flight Major (52–71 units)

Lower Division Requirements

  • AVN 110 Introduction to Aviation
  • AVN 210 Aviation Meteorology
  • FLT 116 Private Pilot Ground
  • FLT 117 Private Pilot Lab I
  • FLT 118 Private Pilot Lab II
  • FLT 119 Instrument Pilot Ground
  • FLT 215 Commercial I and Instrument I Airplane Pilot Lab
  • FLT 216 Instrument II Airplane Pilot Lab

Upper Division Requirements

  • AVN 310 Aviation Law and Regulations
  • AVN 322 Aviation Safety
  • FLT 326 Human Factors
  • FLT 328 Aircraft Systems
  • FLT 350 Airplane Aerodynamics
  • FLT 410 Turbine Systems
  • FLT 420 Crew Resource Management
  • FLT 495 Advanced Aerodynamics

Note that required flight lab fees are for planning purposes only. Although the required lab fee must be paid in full prior to the start of each semester, students will be billed hourly and actual flight training costs may be more or less than these amounts.

Aviation flight students will need a third class medical plus student pilot certificate before beginning flight training. Additional supplies include headset, E6-B flight computer, sectional chart, etc.

Lab fees